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CRM For Mortgage Brokers

crm for mortgage brokers

A CRM for mortgage brokers is a powerful tool to manage client relationships. You may use a spreadsheet and email until your admin becomes too much and your business starts growing. And you might not even own your data. Besides, it’s hard to keep track of all your leads in one place! Fortunately, there are CRMs for mortgage brokers out there, including BluMortgage. Thousands of mortgage professionals already use BluMortgage to streamline their daily work.


BNTouch CRM for mortgage brokers offers enterprise-level packages that include everything in the individual packages, plus marketing automation, analytics, and team management. All three packages help increase volume and close more deals, control brand image across team members, and segment data to better target marketing and customer service efforts. Learn about the various features of each package below. This software helps you manage your leads, clients, and pipeline. Let BNTouch help you manage your entire business, from leads to closing.

One of the features of BNTouch CRM for mortgage brokers is its workflow tool, which can speed up loan processing. These tools can make the mortgage broker’s job easier by eliminating long and complicated processes. These tools can also help mortgage firms gain a reputation for quick turnaround times. Furthermore, these CRM systems have user-friendly reporting capabilities, so you can monitor the performance of your mortgage brokers at a glance. And as a bonus, they can help you monitor and improve your client relationships.


If you are in the mortgage industry, you might be interested in checking out the Streak CRM for mortgage brokers. This cloud-based application offers a free plan for all users, and its premium subscription costs as little as $15 a month per user. While the Streak CRM is not perfect, it offers a number of features that are ideal for mortgage brokers. It integrates with Google Drive and Gmail, and features a customer review database that brokers can use to gauge previous success. It also allows mortgage brokers to manage their pipelines and referral leads, as well as track their sales and marketing campaigns.

With Streak CRM, you can track deals via email and collaborate with other team members. It also syncs data from other departments, including Gmail. You can create unlimited email addresses, access team emails, assign custom permissions, and create priority customer support. Its premium level lets you have unlimited boxes and 1,500 mail merges a day. Its premium plan also provides priority customer support, including priority email support.


If you’re considering switching from your current mortgage lead management system to a CRM that’s more effective for your business, you’ve probably heard about Funnelbolt. This CRM for mortgage brokers eliminates errors and inefficiencies and is designed specifically to streamline your pipeline. It’s a simple and powerful way to manage your sales pipeline and monitor your compliance with mortgage regulation. And since it integrates seamlessly with your other business systems, including Zendesk and Salesforce, you’ll be able to quickly and easily update all your data in one place.

As an added bonus, Funnelbolt’s appointment booking capabilities allow you to easily schedule appointments. The software automates everything for you, including sending ringless voicemail reminders and follow-up emails. It’s like having your own personal assistant, only you don’t have to take on the tasks! It’s like having your own virtual assistant! To learn more about Funnelbolt CRM, download their free demo now.

Service Hub

Mortgage companies are using software such as HubSpot’s Customer Service Hub to manage and track customer tickets. This software enables salespeople to track and measure customer success and launch drip marketing campaigns. With a Service Hub, mortgage companies can assign tickets and prioritize them to improve customer satisfaction. They can easily track and assign tickets to salespeople so that they can be productive throughout the day. Here are a few of the main benefits of HubSpot for mortgage brokers.

Accord Mortgages’ sales team is focusing on customer service and delivering a personal touch. Their Business Development Manager provides one-to-one service for prospects. The Business Development Manager must be responsive to opportunities immediately, which is why real-time data in HubSpot is so valuable. In addition to helping brokers do their job better, HubSpot’s marketing team can easily demonstrate their dedication to customers by capturing opportunities in real-time.