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CRM Software Used by Amazon Sellers

crm software used by amazon


Vendrive CRM is a dedicated CRM system designed specifically for Amazon sellers. It is designed to scale your business, improve supplier communication, and streamline business processes. It also provides access to price indexes, popularity rankings, and simulated profit margins. The software promises to help you maximize your profits by tracking your potential inventory.

Vendrive is a comprehensive tool suite that allows wholesale sellers to track every step of contact with potential wholesale suppliers. It also allows users to quickly view all contacts. The software is designed to help Amazon wholesalers scale their businesses by offering a wide range of wholesale products.


The Brightpearl CRM software allows retailers to manage inventory, orders, and customer relationships all in one place. This makes it easier for retailers to deliver customer orders quickly and accurately. It also allows retailers to integrate their back office workflows and integrate with shipping services like Shipstation and Shipworks. It also helps them automate processes, like order prioritization.

The Brightpearl software comes with tailored pricing to fit your needs. You can select a plan based on the number of sales channels your business is operating. The Brightpearl team will analyze your business’s unique needs and provide you with a quote based on your business needs. Brightpearl also offers support for 11 built-in solutions systems and includes dedicated Brightpearl support. The Brightpearl CRM software also includes several features, such as reporting. However, you should be aware that it can be very expensive for small businesses.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is a SaaS company that offers an extensive suite of business software. Its CRM is one of the standout tools, with a feature set that rivals Salesforce. However, its price makes it accessible even to small teams. It also has an incredibly intuitive user interface that’s easy to use.

Zoho has a wide range of applications for both small and large businesses. The suite offers CRM, marketing, sales, customer support, and collaboration tools. It also includes e-books, video training, and a concierge service to help you learn more about the software. While the software comes with a number of free tools, some of its more impressive features are only available as part of bundled packages.