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How Much Does Microsoft CRM Cost?

microsoft crm costs

Are you curious about how much Microsoft CRM costs? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve outlined the main features and pricing for all three of these CRM programs. Read on to discover how to choose the right one for your company. And don’t forget to check out the free trial period to see if it’s a good fit. This will allow you to make an informed decision and avoid surprises.

Dynamics 365 for sales

If you are interested in purchasing the latest version of Microsoft CRM or Dynamics 365 for sales, you need to know what to expect in terms of cost. Microsoft CRM costs are not cheap, and the license for Dynamics 365 can run into thousands of dollars. However, if you are a business owner and are looking for a cost-effective CRM solution, you should consider licensing devices, which enable users to work with the software on their own. The licensing devices are especially helpful for organizations that work on a shift basis or in retail. You can buy the licence for just one user, and then switch licenses for all your employees.

There are different pricing plans for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales and customer service. The costs for the Microsoft CRM system depend on the number of users and the size of the organization. The cost of a single license for a single user can range from $40 to $115 per month. In addition to these, you can also add the optional applications for a small fee. One such app is MS Dynamics 365 Marketing. It is compatible with Dynamics 365 Sales and is very easy to use, with built-in business intelligence.


Pricing for Microsoft CRM begins at $40 USD per user per month for businesses, and it goes up to two hundred USD per user, depending on features and applications. The system is also available in Team Member licenses, which start at $9.70 Cdn, and are an excellent option for businesses that are using older versions of the software. Unlike the more complex hosted CRM solutions, Microsoft CRM has a low learning curve. A small-scale pilot project is the best way to evaluate the cost benefits of this platform and determine if the software is right for your business.

Managed Microsoft CRM is a managed CRM service from Kamatera that provides a robust CRM infrastructure for a fixed monthly fee. It can be used by any size company and is priced by the number of servers and licensed users. A single server can serve up to 10 users. A three-server configuration costs $1000. This system can handle up to five million transactions per month, and it is suitable for a large business. To avoid unnecessary costs, companies should consider a managed CRM service.


Considering a CRM solution for your business? Before making a decision, it’s important to learn about the features and costs associated with Microsoft CRM. The most common features and costs are outlined below. To find out which one is right for you, check out these comparison charts and reviews. Despite their similarities, they differ in some important ways. If you’re looking for a system that can automate sales and customer service tasks, Microsoft CRM is an excellent choice.

The main differences between Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM software lie in their complexity. Microsoft Dynamics requires multiple subscriptions and can be difficult to learn. Zoho and HubSpot have simpler learning curves. Microsoft Dynamics may be easier to use but requires patience during the onboarding process. If you’re willing to spend the extra money to get started, the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM are worth it. However, Microsoft Dynamics may not be right for everyone.