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Mortgage Broker CRM Software

mortgage broker crm software

Mortgage CRM software allows you to maintain important information for borrowers and their co-borrowers. It also stores important referral information and key watch list items. You can create a list of important borrowers to follow up on. Keeping all of this information in one central location can be a real time-saver for your business. Let’s look at a few of the most popular mortgage CRM programs. And, don’t forget to give these programs a try.


In addition to managing leads and closing deals, a mortgage broker CRM software like SalesPype can help a mortgage broker maximize team collaboration. This software has the most advanced marketing features, lead management, and critical task management, as well as being one of the most affordable options available. Read on to learn about how this software can benefit your business. You’ll be glad you did! We’ve listed a few of our favorites below.

Regardless of your industry, SalesPype’s CRM software allows you to customize your marketing and follow-up processes. It includes four customizable engagement approaches for leads, businesses, and contacts. This is a feature that many CRM companies charge hundreds of dollars for. With this feature, you can customize your marketing messages based on the type of lead you’re working with. It’s the perfect tool for mortgage professionals looking to dominate the local market.


BNTouch mortgage broker CRM software integrates with LendingPad LOS software and provides over 30 tools for marketing and client relationship management. BNTouch also offers a library of mortgage industry videos that can be used for reminders and personal touches. These tools can be used to streamline processes and help your company grow. This software can be used by mortgage brokers in any type of business, whether a traditional mortgage brokerage or a smaller, boutique operation.

BNTouch mortgage broker CRM software helps brokers improve their customer service through automated workflows. For example, mortgage brokers can use automation tools to send out personalized drips to past clients. These messages can be useful in maintaining relationships after the client has closed the transaction. They can also send automated messages to their clients following the closing date. In this way, the brokers can stay connected even after the sale has been closed. BNTouch mortgage broker CRM software allows mortgage brokers to customize post-closing messages to help maintain the relationship with their clients.


Mortgage broker CRM software such as BluMortgage is designed to nurture personal relationships between brokers and clients. Instead of relying on spreadsheets and emails, BluMortgage automates the process by preventing manual data entry and eliminating duplicate records. With advanced reporting capabilities, BluMortgage helps mortgage professionals prioritize tasks and track productivity. Its features include email templates and integrations with Finmo, Velocity, Floify and Scarlett DOS.

With a robust CRM system, mortgage brokers will have the power to manage leads and close deals. The software is designed to be easy to use and offers a user-friendly dashboard. This software also features in-depth comparisons, automated alerts for rate and product milestones, and mobile capabilities. Brokers will love its mobile capabilities and easy accessibility from any location. A variety of email templates, auto-scheduled email blasts, and mobile capabilities also make it a convenient solution for brokers on the go.


In addition to offering a number of important benefits, Surefire mortgage broker CRM software also makes it easy to distribute and nurture leads through the application and funding process. And once a loan is approved, Surefire’s omni-channel post-close outreach enables you to stay in touch with past clients for years to come. Surefire’s Client for Life campaign automates closing gifts and multimedia outreach, while its milestone tracking helps keep contact information relevant.

Mortgage Broker CRM software offers deep support for lead generation, contact management, marketing, and analytics for data-driven sales professionals. Users are process-oriented and organized, and this software excels in this area. Some other features of this software include integrations with LOS systems and popular real estate websites. And, of course, it has customizable mortgage CRM templates and integrations with leading lead providers. And while Surefire may not be perfect for every mortgage broker, it can give you a solid start in implementing mortgage CRM software.