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The Best CRM For Mortgage Brokers

best crm for mortgage brokers

If you’re looking for a CRM specifically designed for the mortgage industry, here are three options to consider: Streak, BNTouch, and Surefire. Which of these options is best for your business? After reading these reviews, you’re well on your way to a successful CRM. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll soon realize that there’s a lot to like about each of these solutions.


Mortgage providers often double as real estate agents. Consequently, they need an effective CRM system to manage all aspects of their business. Some mortgage providers use multiple programs to meet their diverse needs, and BNTouch is a popular choice. Its robust set of features includes lead generation, document management, and marketing tools. It even integrates with popular LOS software. It has a free plan for up to five users and offers a variety of features that are sure to suit the needs of mortgage brokers.


BNTouch CRM for mortgage brokers is a software platform that was built specifically for the industry, with features that mortgage companies will find useful. With content and column-headings, this software offers the functionality and flexibility that mortgage companies need. With the help of this system, mortgage companies can manage their leads more effectively and streamline communication between staff and clients. BNTouch Mortgage CRM is compatible with all types of applications, from small businesses to large corporations.

BNTouch Mortgage CRM

BNTouch’s mortgage CRM is a powerful growth platform that automates marketing, keeps you top of mind with your leads, and recruits new partners. With over 35 proprietary tools, it helps your mortgage business grow by helping you generate more leads and close more deals. Its features include automated SMS/text marketing, customizable online forms, and pre-made marketing content. It is a perfect tool for mortgage brokers and lenders that want to improve their business with automation.


The latest addition to Surefire CRM for mortgage brokers is a broker portal. This white-label marketing collateral allows wholesale lenders to provide mortgage brokers with customizable content to share with their clients and prospects. One unique feature of Surefire is its smart broker assignment feature, which allows wholesale account executives to manage brokers within their assigned territories. This means that your entire team will have one place to go to find and communicate with the best prospects. And with the Surefire mortgage broker portal, you’ll never lose a prospect or client again.


A comprehensive CRM for mortgage brokers should not only provide easy access to clients, but also integrate with existing systems. Many fast-growing financial services companies already rely on Pipedrive for Financial Services. Its tailored technology, expert services, and dedicated support ensure that the software will meet the specific needs of your business. Pipedrive is the best CRM for mortgage brokers because it allows brokers to track their entire process, from lead generation to closing deals.


A CRM for mortgage brokers should offer features that help you track leads, close more deals, and manage your team. Jungo is a comprehensive software solution, which integrates with popular LOS software, lead management tools, and marketing capabilities. As a mortgage provider, you’re likely a dual agent who doubles as a real estate agent. It should also provide centralized management of all your real estate and mortgage activities in one system.